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AFTRS diplomas – mid-year intake

Applications are now open for AFTRS’ Diploma mid-year intake. All AFTRS Diplomas are created for practitioners wanting to up-skill within their craft, or diversify an existing skill set and are 16 weeks, after hours and part time so you can continue to work while you broaden your skills.
The following Diplomas are open for Mid-year intake:
Diploma in Camera
Diploma in Editing
Diploma in Grading
Diploma in Production Management
Diploma in Production Accounting
Applications close on 5 June. Full list of AFTRS Diplomas here:
AFTRS Speed Networking, part of Vivid 2017, is an opportunity to  meet fresh new faces including producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, animators and VFX specialists. There are few places where emerging practitioners can meet other like-minded creative souls, so this is a way to fast track the bonding! Details here:

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