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China Australia Dreaming

Project China Australia Dreaming
Fund Early Development
Year 2017
Type Factual Series
Company WildBear Entertainment Pty Ltd
Writer Benjamin Law

China and Australia – two vast countries with ancient cultures, rich resources and a complex shared history. One, a sparsely populated former British colony on a boundless landscape with a founding civilisation dating back over 60,000 years; the other, the most populous country in the world with a millennia-long history filled with great builders, artists and innovators. The strongest link between China and Australia has been forged by more

than two centuries of almost entirely one-way migration: journeys south by Chinese men and women dreaming of new opportunities and adventure. This series tells the dramatic, inspiring stories of some of those travellers and the Australians whose lives changed with their arrival. It explores the past with eyes on the present – and the future – through archive film, photography and interviews with well-known writers, artists, scientists and potentially government figures.

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Early Development
Alan Erson
$ 5,000.00
Total Finance
$ 5,000.00