Funding Approval Details

Say it Again in a Nice Voice

Project Say It Again in a Nice Voice
Fund Early Development
Year 2017
Type Feature Film
Company We Are Arcadia Pty Ltd
Producer Leonie Mansfield, Lisa Shaunessy
Writer Rebecca Sommi Fisher

At 24, Meg Mason is newly married to her gorgeous husband Shab and living the expat dream in London alongside her BFF Snooch. After months of job hunting, Meg lands her dream role as sub-editor for The Times working for her legendary boss, Spackers. What could possibly go wrong? Cue a holiday in Greece, an accidental shortage of birth control, and eight months later she is sobbing on the side of a road over trading her career for something she knows zero about. Once the baby is born, Snooch has little to relate to and their friendship begins to drift off the rails until it's at the point of no return. Hair-raising and hilarious, Meg's attempts at keeping her child alive, navigating the judgement of other mothers and spending all day alone whilst Snooch and Shab are at work, combine to give her one hell of an anxiety attack. A near loss of limb at the hands of a food processor, a parent terminally ill and a marriage undergoing a trial separation, Meg tries desperately to stay on track. In the face of her life spiralling out of control, Snooch comes to Meg’s rescue and makes her realise that she will always be there. They reconcile, and Meg discovers that being a mother, however disaster-prone and uncool, just might be the only thing that she is truly irreplaceable at.

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Early Development
Leonie Mansfield
$ 8,000.00
Total Finance
$ 8,000.00