Funding Approval Details

Halal Pie

Project Halal Pie
Fund Early Development
Year 2017
Type Feature Film
Company Whoa Flamingo
Writer Fadia Abboud, Darren Ashton, Amal Awad

Dunya is your typical Arab mother martyr – her family has always come first. When an opportunity arises for Dunya to “take over” a popular bakery in a regional town, encouraged by her soon to be wed son, she reluctantly accepts the challenge, but not everyone likes her new pies or the way she creams the vanilla slices. Cries for a return to traditional culinary values soon echo throughout the town. What is she really putting in those pies! Tensions build to a head when cakes are turned over, pies are pumbled and windows are smashed. Either Dunya becomes like them or face rejection. Yet on her own oath to understanding the importance of living an authentic life, Dunya realises that maybe the answer lies in the similarities rather than the differences.

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Early Development
Darren Ashton
$ 8,650.00
Total Finance
$ 8,650.00