Funding Approval Details

Butter Paper

Project Butter Paper
Fund Early Development
Year 2017
Type Feature Film
Company Cliff House Productions
Producer Claudia Pickering
Writer Claudia Pickering

Butter Paper is a dramatic comedy about Sophie, a self-indulgent design-ophile living an apparently successful adult life. Upon diagnosing herself as a wanker, she attempts to escape her reality by lodging with her battler bachelor of a father and crafting breasted ceramic pots. Inevitably, all that she has been avoiding spills in: from the reality of her mundane architectural career and the twisted power-play that is her sex-life to the unaddressed family tensions from the checkered history between her father, her sister and herself. The result is Sophie’s self-destructive tailspin that claims several casualties and uncovers the truth behind her father’s sketchy behaviour all along. Finally, she salvages some relationships and takes control to pursue what she needs, but not without leveling the score from her past.

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Early Development
Claudia Pickering
$ 10,000.00
Total Finance
$ 10,000.00