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Disco Dykes

Project Disco Dykes
Fund Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund
Year 2017
Type Short Film
Company Someone Like U Productions
Producer Jordan Cowan
Writer Sara West

Gert’s a weirdo – she’s an outcast at school, questions her own sexuality and loathes her little sister who bursts with confidence on a bad day. To make things worse – Gert’s mum Sal has decided, since leaving her husband, that she’d like to have a girlfriend – Gert’s mums a dyke.

It’s time for the ultimate test – can they all survive the dreaded family road-trip? Tex, Sal’s new girlfriend, is anything but subtle – she rolls into town in her decked out semi-trailer and expects to take the girls on a wild ride – she get’s more than she’s bargained for.

Simmering with teen angst and with the added frustration of Ila, Gert’s little sister, absolutely loving the new GF – she’s got no one on her side. When Ila opts for a new haircut – matching Tex and cementing Gert being on the outside – she snaps! Attacking Tex with a most unfortunate choice of weapon and blacking out on the motel room floor.

Gert comes too in the night and reconsiders the idea that Tex might just be the one thing this family needs to hold them together – they reconnect in the morning and rip up the dance floor with their disco moves – these 4 women sick out like dogs balls in the Aussie landscape –and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

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Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund
Jordan Cowan
$ 15,000.00
Total Finance
$ 15,000.00