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Made in NSW - International Footloose Production


MADE IN NSW is a $175 million fund over five years (2020/21 – 2024/25) to support the attraction to NSW of significant international and domestic feature film and major TV drama production.

The program will create a pipeline of high-end screen production in NSW and build on the success of previous investment. The program will focus its investment in new film and TV projects that:

  • significantly contribute to the NSW economy
  • create high value jobs
  • create new opportunities in western Sydney and regional NSW
  • build the skills and capacity of established and emerging practitioners
  • grow audiences; and
  • contribute to NSW’s reputation as the leading State in business and film.

After you have read the fund guidelines, you can complete your online application here.


·       Feature films, telemovies, animation, mini-series and TV series

·       International/Australian co-productions; and

·       Fully internationally financed feature films and television projects from local production companies

NOTE: eligible projects must be genuinely 'footloose', that is, not already locked in to production in NSW.


The level of any financial assistance offered is discretionary and determined on a case-by-case basis from limited funds.


Qualifying NSW Production Expenditure (QNSWPE) includes:

·      Payroll subject to NSW Payroll Tax excluding payroll to non-NSW residents

·      NSW workers’ compensation payments

·      Payments to a supplier of goods and services whose principal place of business is in NSW. Suppliers include independent contractors who are not subject to NSW Payroll Tax

·      Payments to a supplier of goods and services which, although its principal place of business is outside NSW, has an office or branch in NSW which is supplying the goods or services, including fees and charges relating to the use of land within NSW

·       Fees and charges relating to the use of land within New South Wales

·      Inbound international or interstate travel to a NSW destination. Where a return fare is purchased fifty per cent (50%) of the fare qualifies as QNSWPE. The two-week rule for non cast members that is applied to the Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE) definition in the Commonwealth Location Offset guidelines applies. That is, the person must spend no less than two consecutive calendar weeks in NSW following arrival

·       Inbound freight to a NSW destination

·       Fringe Benefits Tax relating to benefits provided in NSW

·       NSW Payroll Tax

but excludes:

·       Goods or services which are sourced from outside NSW from a non-NSW supplier, even though they are used in the production of the project in NSW.

Goods that are resold - For goods that have an ongoing value at the end of the project’s production, Qualifying NSW Production Expenditure is the purchase price less the sale price.

Currency exchange - Where production expenditure is incurred in foreign currencies, the exchange rate will be the RBA rate averaged across the period in which Qualifying NSW Production Expenditure is incurred.




Prior to applying applicants must discuss their application with the Senior Manager Screen Destination Attraction

Create NSW is using the SmartyGrants online application management system to administer our programs.

The application form for this fund is available here

You must submit the core materials listed on the form.


Screen NSW will make an assessment of each application on its merits, based on the information supplied in the application. Factors assessed will include:

·       Overall economic and employment impact to NSW including the total expenditure in NSW

·       Projected production expenditure in western Sydney and regional NSW

·       Opportunities for skills development for NSW emerging and established practitioners

·       The amount requested relative to the NSW spend

·       Any new technologies to be introduced to or upgraded by the local industry through the production

·       The amount requested and the amount available within the program and the timing of payment of the incentive

·       The capacity of the project to offer an equity position to NSW Government

·       The capacity of the project to position NSW globally

Note: Applications undergo a cost-benefit analysis as part of the assessment process.

Applicants may be contacted to provide more detailed information on production expenditure, NSW crew and other employees, and new technology and skills being used.

Applicants will be notified of a decision generally no more than three weeks from receipt of the full application. Timing is subject to the completion of the economic and other assessments.


If assistance is offered, a formal agreement will be signed between the NSW Government and the applicant. If the offer is not accepted within one month it will be withdrawn.

For further information contact:
Production Attraction & Incentives