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AiF Charlie’s Online - The Hollywood Sessions

Screen NSW and AiF are calling for writers and directors to participate in the AiF Charlie’s Online - Hollywood Sessions 

Eight mid-career and established writers and directors based in New South Wales will have the unique opportunity to fast-track their careers and access the competitive US film and television industry through the Australians in Film (AiF) Charlie’s Hollywood Sessions presented by Screen NSW.

The Hollywood Sessions will offer participants invaluable face time with leading development executives, producers, agents and managers currently working at the epicentre of the global business in Los Angeles. Sessions will begin in early November and run throughout December 2022 to January 2023.

The sessions will level up participants’ market knowledge of the fast-changing industry, with guidance from a diverse selection of renowned professionals that help shape, sell, buy and create global content. As the streaming market consolidates and matures, and the creative and financial paradigm of film and television content evolves, current information and relationships are crucial to getting projects greenlit and being on the top of that elusive job offer.

Key Dates

Applications open Monday, 26 September, 9am.

Applications close Monday 24 October, 4pm.

Notification of successful applicants Monday 31 October.

The Hollywood Sessions with take place over six, one-hour online timeslots from 10-11am on the following Fridays:

-     11th and 18th November, 2022

-    2nd and 9th December, 2022

-    13th and 20th January, 2023

Guidelines can be downloaded from the documents box on the right-hand-side of the screen.

All applications must be received through the Screen NSW online grants administration system, SmartyGrants. The application form can be found here.

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For more information call Amelia Carew-Reid on (02) 8289 6417 or by email to if you would like to discuss your application.

Image credit: Design shot of Charlie's space. Photo by Hayeth Tarem.

Session Overviews

Session One: The Business of Show

Friday 11th November, 10am (AEST)

Whether it’s on the lot or the executive floor, doing business in Los Angeles requires a specific skill set. The industry and what sells changes rapidly, as new technology, genres, and players emerge and evolve. In this session, you will gain an in-depth overview of the business of "show."


Session Two: Call My Agent! Manager! Lawyer! Publicist!

Friday 18th November, 10am (AEST)

Hollywood feeds on buzz — from box office, viewer analytics and reviews to casting, job offers and sales. This session will give you insight on the best time to build a career in Los Angeles, how and when to engage a team of professionals to support your career — and once you have them in place, how to manage those relationships. You will learn how to prepare for general meetings and the dos and don’ts of pitching in Los Angeles.


Session Three: The Studio

Friday 2nd December, 10am (AEST)

The complexity of the American studio system and the list of buyers is vast. Many multinational conglomerates own several pieces of the pipeline, while controlling brands within the same ecosystem. It's no wonder Hollywood is overwhelming. It’s essential to have a rock-solid overview and an understanding of how the system works from a studio perspective. In this session, a prominent studio executive will answer all your questions.


Session Four: The Production Company & Indie Producer

Friday 9th December, 10am (AEST)

Delve deeper into the ecosystem of Hollywood with an executive from a leading Hollywood production company. This influential independent producer will unpack the deal-making process and discuss how production companies and indie producers play a role in developing, producing, and selling content in today's global industry.


Session Five: International Partnerships in the US

Friday 13th January, 10am (AEST)

The US industry is largely shaped by commercial dollars. Outside the studio system, there is money and support to be found with independent development and financing. This session is a crash course in understanding the American domestic market and how pots of gold can be found within this ever-shifting landscape.


Session Six: The Global Streamer

Friday 20th January, 10am (AEST)

Streamers are newer players on the block. Their presence a decade ago signaled a massive change in the global film and television industry. Today, streamers are shaking up the Australian industry with major investments. This session will introduce participants to an executive from a leading streamer, who will provide insight into the development of their content strategy.