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Crew Connects Placement Program

The Crew Connects Placement Program is designed to provide professional screen practitioners with credited employment in areas of critical need within the NSW screen industry. 

Financed with the assistance of Screen Australia, the $400,000 program funds the placement of emerging crew members who are keen to upskill and advance their careers into roles for up to six months with screen businesses offering the relevant development opportunities. 

The aim of the program is to address the shortage of highly skilled technical roles needed for the pipeline of production in NSW.

Funding is available for established production, post-production, VFX and animation companies to engage early to mid-career professional practitioners, to be employed in an area of demonstrable industry demand, within the company or on a production.

Placements can be up to a maximum of six months, providing the practitioner with a credit and valuable hands-on industry experience.

A production or screen business interested in offering a Crew Connects Placement, should read the Guidelines that are available at the top right hand side of this page (click on Resources) and our Terms of Trade before completing the application form. If you have any questions before you apply, please contact the Program Officer at

If you are a crew member interested in a placement, please apply via the Crew Connects Register and read the Guidelines at the top right hand side of this page (click on Resources) and complete the application form.

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