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SBS/Screen NSW Talent Escalator Program


SBS and BBC STUDIO PRODUCTIONS AUSTRALIA are searching for an ASSEMBLY EDITOR to work on THE LAST GOODBYE as part of the SBS Talent Escalator initiative.  


The SBS Talent Escalator (‘TE’) is a joint initiative of SBS together with each of Australia’s state and territory screen agencies, to co-fund 12 to 16 week placements for emerging to mid-level practitioners from under-represented backgrounds.

This initiative is designed to support practitioners from backgrounds currently under-represented within the Australian screen industry, working directly with producion companies on an SBS program.

It is intended to escalate careers by allowing participants to exercise skills that are a level up from their existing level of experience and secure flexible, on-the-job-paid learning and immersion opportunities to work in a collaborative and respectful environment.   

Who can apply for a TE placement? (Eligibility criteria)  

The TE is open to TV and film practitioners from under-represented backgrounds who meet the eligibility requirements set out in this section. In their application cover letters, candidates should state how they meet the eligibility criteria for the TE placement.

For the purposes of this initiative, under-represented includes people who identify with these communities:  

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) People who are not Anglo-Celtic or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander by descent, and/or English is not their main spoken language;
  • First Nations peoples People who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent;
  • People with disability People with long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory disability or a combination of those conditions. This also includes Deaf or hard of hearing people and people with mental health conditions;
  • LGBTIQ+ People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer.
    The + represents others not explicitly mentioned such as pansexual, agender and asexual; and
  • And intersectionally, people who identify as women.

SBS recognises that diversity is also reflected in other ways, including geography (including regional and remote areas), socio-economic mobility, age and carer status. We also encourage the exploration and representation of these communities in our content and initiatives. 

Applicants to the Talent Escalator: 

  • Must be residents of the screen agency’s state; 
  • Must demonstrate they are from a diverse background or an under-represented community; 
  • Can demonstrate significant commitment to working in a related technical discipline within the screen industry and mid to long term commitment to career development in the TV and film industry; 
  • Must demonstrate previous television production experience as determined by the Production Company, SBS and screen agency depending on the type of placement being offered;
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident; 
  • Must be 18 years old or above; and 
  • Must not be a full time student. 


Program title: THE LAST GOODBYE
Talent Escalator role titleASSEMBLY EDITOR 
Location: Evolution Post, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW 
Placement Period: 12 Weeks 
Start: 2 October  2023 
Finish: 24 December 2023  
Total Weeks: 12 weeks 
How many days per week:  5 days per week  
Hours: 0830 am – 1830 pm  Note: actual hours may vary
Production dates of the program: 19 June 2023 – 11 February 2023 


During the placement, the participant will be primarily supervised by the Executive Producer at BBC Studios Productions Australia.  

The participant will also be able to contact the SBS Content Industry Diversity Manager, Michelle Cheng, throughout the placement.

Production Company Supervisors  

Executive Producer – Sky Kinninmont & Deb Spinocchia 

Series Producer – Benjamin Jones 

Post Producer – Vanna Morosini 

How will the placement provide a ‘level up’ for participants? 

This opportunity will provide participants with the opportunity to extend their existing skill set and gain experience which is a level up from their existing skill set.  

This placement is suited to an early-level post-production practitioner who has experience in edit assisting and would benefit in more experience in entry level editing skills to bridge the gap from entry level post-production to editing to allow for a robust and diverse industry of editors. 

The Executive Producer will oversee post-production. They will liaise with episodic editors and supervising edit assistants to advise the operator on assembly edits, which is the step utilised in post-production before editors finesse the material supplied to them.   

Job description/key tasks and responsibilities   

The role of Assembly Editor will work within the post-production department of a documentary series. The position will come under direct supervision of the Executive Producer. They will additionally be working under advisement of the Episodic Post Producer and Episodic Editor. They will also be working with a Supervising Edit Assistant. The participant will undertake the step between content ingest and edit, to prepare an assembled timeline for episodic editors.  

The Operator will be briefed by the Executive Producer and Episodic Post Producer about the direction of the content.   

The participant will be responsible for: 

  • Liaising with the Edit Assist team to ensure all content has for each episode has been ingested and organised within the Avid software system correctly;
  • Syncing Audio in the Avid system;
  • Taking a brief from the Episodic Post Producer;  
  • Viewing assigned scenes and arranging relevant content into timelines;
  • Editing down timelines to include relevant material;  
  • Liaising with Post Producer regarding marking up timelines in preparation for additional edit; and
  • Liaising with Editors regarding any additional material or requirements.

Training objectives and learning goals  

  • The participant will learn technical aspects of editing (beyond edit assisting) in an operational post-production workflow;
  • The participant will learn how to work with material that is recognised as being sensitive in nature, and how to ensure the well-being of the contributor/s and respect for the contributor/s and content of the material is put first and foremost in terms of edit requirements;
  • The participant will be given opportunity to receive feedback and ask further questions about their role and participation in a safe environment; and
  • The participant will be afforded the opportunity to view their work and their contribution to the final product. 

Creating inclusive environments 

SBS recognises the importance of inclusive environments, to ensure everyone is respected and valued for their contributions. Lived experience and meaningful collaboration with community are essential to achieve authentic and respectful portrayal. 

The SBS Commissioning Equity & Inclusion Guidelines (2021 to 2024) and the SBS Commissioning Equity & Inclusion website contain tips, resources and information for creating inclusive environments on all SBS production.  

BBC Studios Productions Australia is committed to creating an inclusive environment for the Talent Escalator participant. The participant will be supported by the Executive Producer throughout the placement and will also be able to contact the SBS Content Industry Diversity Manager Michelle Cheng throughout the placement at  

BBC Studios Productions Australia is committed to creating an inclusive environment for the Talent Escalator participant.  

How do I apply? 

To apply for the role, please send your CV and cover letter clearly addressing the eligibility criteria to 
by 12 September 2023.

Applications open: 15 August 2023 

Applications close: 12 September 2023 (extended from 25 August)

Successful candidate notified: 21 September 2023

Please let us know if you have access requirements for the interview.