Everyone is talking about Employable Me, News

Everyone is talking about Employable Me

Employable Me is a three-part ABC documentary series which aired last month and follows people with neuro-diverse conditions such as autism, OCD and Tourette Syndrome as they search for meaningful employment. The series, which has become one of the most talked about documentary series on the ABC this year, was financed with the assistance of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and Create NSW, with the aim of generating general awareness and discussion on employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Create NSW has led the industry in developing opportunities that support professional development for people and screen practitioners with disability, including the Screenability NSW suite of programs. Create NSW facilitated the production of the Employable Me documentary series for ABC TV, with the NSW-based production company, Northern Pictures, to ensure the production aligned these important objectives.

The series follows nine participants as their job searches unfold. From the fun-loving Marty, who just wants people to treat him the same as other people regardless of his Fragile X Syndrome, to the socially withdrawn Tim, who suffers extreme anxiety every time he leaves his home. As a result, he’s never had a job.

We all deserve a role in society. That’s what this show is about: striving to belong and play our part. Employable Me looks beyond first impressions to reveal there’s always more than meets the eye.

The series is currently available on ABC iView:

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