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Jessica Giacco’s tips for applying to the Emerging Producer Placement

Why did you apply to the Emerging Producer Placement (EPP)? 

I applied for the EPP as I wanted to take that next step in furthering my career as an emerging producer. I wanted to learn about the process of funding through Create NSW and use my placement to expand my experience in the film industry.

What advice would you have for any emerging producers who don’t think their application will be strong enough? 

Along with supplying your relevant experience, make sure you are clear about what you want to get out of the placement, and you have objectives you wish to achieve, then your application is definitely going to be strong.

What other tips do you have for anyone thinking of applying?

Know your strengths and learn how to enhance them, while not being scared of your weaknesses, as they could become your greatest asset. 

Think about what you want the second half of the placement to be, if there is a project you want to work on or someone you (want) to work with, having a clear idea can push your application ahead. Also, knowing what you want your career to look like in the coming years, having clear goals is important. And lastly, make the most (of) the lovely people at Create NSW, call them and talk to them about your application, they are there to help and they love doing it. 

As part of the internship you got to work on Ladies on Black. What did you learn from that experience and has it opened any doors?

Ladies in Black was an incredible project to work on as my first feature film, with acclaimed director Bruce Beresford, an international cast, and not to mention the two producers, Allanah Zitserman and Sue Milliken. I was involved from early stages through pre-production and production and the learning curve was steep and exhilarating. The Create NSW EPP program gave me that experience and set me on my current path to the kind of producer I want to be.

You are now working on another project for ABC through the Art Bites Initiative. Can you tell us about it?

It's called STUDIO A and is a short documentary series about artists with intellectual disabilities directed by the talented Georgia Quinn. It is being funded by ABC Arts, Create NSW and Screen Australia and will screen on ABC iView in April 2019. 


About the 2018 Emerging Producer Placement (EPP)

The 2018 EPP targets emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander producers with a track record in short form content.

The EPP will provide producers with an opportunity to gain experience with NSW screen production companies, in addition to working with the Sector Investment team at Create NSW (screen).

In this round, two candidates will be selected and paid to undertake a six-month customised program. Most time will be spent with production companies, with additional spent at Create NSW and attending key industry events. 

The EPP aims to fast-track career opportunities by matching highly experienced screen industry practitioners with undiscovered emerging producing talent.


Applications are open now and close on Monday September 10, 2018 at Midnight.

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