Use of Drones - RPAS/UAV


PLEASE NOTE: Updated amendments to Commercial unmanned flight – remotely piloted aircraft under 2kg effective from the 29th of September.

CASA controls the airspace. Take off and landing will still need to be approved by council. You must operate within the standard operation conditions see below notes and for further information go to CASA’s web site.

As a general rule, all Drones/UAV/RPAS (for filming) must be operated by a fully CASA certified operator with all necessary documentation provided to the Council prior to any approvals being provided if it is to be flown on/over Council owned land.

Things to be aware of with UAV operators requesting permission to use Council resources;

·         The applicant is CASA certified (and evidence provided, along with necessary PLI coverage prior to any approvals are provided)

·         Has permission from CASA to operate within 3 nautical miles of an airfield or helicopter landing area (

·         Does not operate the UAV within 30m of people excluding those involved with the flight operations (inc take-off/landing site)

·         Consideration to signage and having staff advise public of the UAV operation (inc take-off/landing site)

·         The operators seek additional permission from CASA to film within a ‘populous area’ or directly over a major road, etc.

·         Privacy management is solely the responsibility of the privacy commission and CASA take no responsibility for any associated laws or breaches of an operator.

·         A council generally is only required to approve the take-off/landing site of a Drone/UAV and once airborne is solely the responsibility of the operator and CASA.


Please see below link to the section of CASA’s website regarding information on drone/RPAS operations:


PLEASE SEE DOWNLOADABLE CREATE NSW CHECKLIST 2016 (in the document window top righthand corner)


2KG Commercial brochure

5.5km Nautical miles from airport map