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How do I put it all together - the production, the budget, the crew?

Check out the ‘Getting Started’ section of the Screen Australia site.

YOU CAN FIND CONTACT INFORMATION FOR CREW, as well as resources for all other aspects of a production in:

Encore Directory
The Production Book

YOU MAY ALSO FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE LOCAL FILM INDUSTRY through magazines and email bulletins such as:

Inside Film


Australian Film Television & Radio School
Information & Cultural Exchange

How do I get experience on a production?

TRY CONTACTING ONE OF THE MANY PRODUCTION COMPANIES IN NSW and ask them if they are employing interns or attachments for any of their upcoming productions. You can find a comprehensive list of companies in the following publications. If you can't find a paid position and you're really keen to be involved, ask them if you can volunteer in some capacity or be on set as an observer for a few days of the shoot.

Encore Directory
The Production Book

VOLUNTEER FOR THE  Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) Volunteer Production Attachment Scheme.