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Post, Digital and VFX

Post, Digital & VFX Overview

New South Wales (NSW) is a world leader in post and digital production, visual effects, animation, music and sound design.

Films such as The Lego Movie, The Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2, 300, Lord of the Rings, Hero and House of Flying Daggers are outstanding examples of the wealth of creative digital and post-production talent that exists in NSW.

NSW is also a first-class centre for animation with expertise in traditional cell animation, modeling and computer-generated imagery, servicing both television commercials and features. The Academy Award winning film Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2 and Legend of the Guardians are examples of what can be achieved in Sydney's animation and post-production houses.

State-of-the-art communications links and a time-zone difference that works to international advantage, enable seamless communication with studios elsewhere in the world.

Along with extensive laboratory facilities equipped with cutting-edge telecine and mastering capabilities, NSW has post-production personnel with the techniques and technology to handle all post-production requirements.

For further information on filming in Sydney and the state of New South Wales please contact: 

Sue McCreadie


Phone +61 2 8289 6456

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