The Daughter

In the last days of a dying logging town Christian returns to his family home for his father Henry’s wedding. While home, Christian reconnects with his childhood friend Oliver, who has stayed in town working at Henry’s timber mill and is now out of a job. As Christian gets to know Oliver’s wife Charlotte, daughter Hedvig and father Walter, he discovers a secret that could tear Oliver's family apart. As he tries to right the wrongs of the past, his actions threaten to shatter the lives of those left behind.

Type Feature
Company Fate Films Pty Ltd
Director Simon Stone
Producer Jan Chapman, Nicole O'Donohue
Writer Simon Stone

Present day. Rural Australia, Oliver Finch lives a quiet life with his father, his wife, his daughter & a duck. When his old friend Christian Neilson returns home after 16 years absence, he unearths a long kept family secret that threatens to shatter Oliver’s world. A contemporary portrait of family dysfunction, deception & denial, The Daughter is a potent drama about return. The return to the site of trauma, the return to memories you wish you’d never created, the return to truth in all its consequences.